We Believe:

Dreams Inspire Hope

Our goal is to provide essential needs for refugee children and families so they can achieve their dreams.

There are over 25 million refugees worldwide.

53% of those are children.


Malak’s Story

The dreams of an 11-year-old Syrian girl living in a refugee camp gave us tremendous hope for the future. When food was scarce, Malak* drew beautiful pictures of food for her family. When her family pretended to eat the “food,” they felt full and could get to sleep at night. Her moving story of survival inspired us to take action.

 Despite her circumstances, Malak still dreams. Those dreams inspire hope and give her family a reason to keep living, to envision a better life. Join us in our goal to give refugees simple tools to rekindle their hope and share their dreams.

*Name changed for privacy.


When we gave them a little food-a little thing-it made them so happy.

Pythia Foundation / Lebanon Video



Ways To Help

Malak’s story inspired us to join hands with our partners in a number of different projects. We’re helping to provide food and warmth for their immediate needs. We believe the future belongs to those who dream. Our ultimate goal is to provide educational tools to help these refugees fulfill their dreams.


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