Our Mission:

Inspire Hope.

We aim to provide basic needs for refugee children and families .

There are over 25 million refugees worldwide.

53% of those are children.


Families Need Warmth This Winter

This fall, NOVA Relief Center teamed up with over 70 locations to collect donated coats and blankets to send to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan this year. In the first three years, Northern Virginians sent over 100,000 blankets to camps, reaching over 50,000 refugee families. Our plan was to send the blankets to families in need this winter.

On December 19th, we found out that the shipping company we were working with would not be able to make the delivery, leaving families without any means for warmth or comfort.

But we’re not losing hope. With your help and generous donations, we will be able to raise the $10,000 required to pay for the shipping containers that will help deliver the blankets we already procured to refugee families in Jordan. 100% of your donation will go directly to the shipping costs to make sure families are not left without warmth or hope this winter.

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Are you ready to help keep families warm this winter?